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Small Business Advisor Training Programs & Support Services

The Apogee Center offers nationwide programs of training and support for professional advisors who serve small businesses - businesses with value or revenue between $300,000 and $15 million.
Four credential levels are provided for business planning professionals.

Apogee also works directly with clients through a partner firm - Pinnacle Appraisals & Consulting.
Pinnacle's exit planning and valuation services are fully credentialed through the National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts and the Exit Planning Institute. Our professionals work with hundreds of small businesses each year. In addition to offering the Nine Opportunities For Success transition program, Apogee offers the following services:

  • Certified Valuations for support of SBA and Traditional Financing
  • Valuations for Buy-Sell Agreements, Estate Planning and ESOPs
  • Financial Analysis and Pro Forma Creation
  • Business and Strategic Plans
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Investment Plans and Marketing Materials
  • Project Visualizations
  • SBA or Traditional Loan Packaging
  • Business Restructuring Plans
  • GIS and Site Analysis
  • Premium Market and Industry Research
  • Online and Live Training Programs
  • Keynote Addresses
  • NEW - Public-Private Investment Development Projects
       for Communities and States Nationwide
Programs featured at the 2012 National Rural Futures Conference attended by over 40 premier universities and 100 economic development organizations.

Nine Opportunities For Success program featured in the national U.S. Rural Development in Washington D.C. blog.

Exit Planning Services for SBDCs -
2009 Association of Small Business Development Center's National Convention in Orlando, Florida

ABPA - CBPA 2-Day Training Event
2011 Association of Small Business Development Center's National Convention in San Diego, California

ABPA - CBPA 2-Day Training Event
2012 Association of Small Business Development Center's National Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana

We've worked with business and development projects from just $50,000 to a $260,000,000 ethanol production plant.

We visualized, designed and developed a $7 million - 50,000 s.f. national automobile visitors attraction.

We've produced feasibility studies and cost to benefit studies for community occupation tax projects, transportation projects, value-added alternative fuel production ventures, premium coffee products franchising plans and investment attraction proposals.

We have access to private capital groups for alternative approaches to financing, restructuring and expansion to supplement or replace traditional financing for larger projects over $2 million including public - private ventures.
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