Nationwide Business Value, Exit and Succession Training
Just 2 days of training to achieve your Accredited Business Planning Advisor designation - ABPA.
This program is designed especially for small business owner advisors and allows consultants to develop reliable business planning values and create a complete business exit or succession plan for their clients.
September 2014 - Live Training Event.
Level 1 and Level 2 training in just two days on location in Texas at the National ASBDC Annual Conference.
Training features Apogee's new Nine Opportunities 2014 software that streamlines business value creation and exit plan data development - reducing project creation time by as much as 80%.
Features our dynamic dashboard for real-time value results and goal-setting with clients.
The Nine Opportunities For Success program has been featured at the National Small Business Development Center's National Conference for the past 4 consecutive years.
The Nine Opportunities For Success program will allow you to demonstrate current business value and possible future values for planning. You'll make recommendations for improvement and help clients maximize business value and real exit opportunities. You'll show owners how to get a deal done that may increase their Cash-To-The-Seller value by as much as 200%. And you'll provide alternative deal structures to get deals done even in tough markets or industry sectors.
Earn $100 - $200 per hour or provide the program to your clients at no cost. How you deliver your program is up to you and your organization. You can use third-party assistance or fully develop your plans yourself.
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